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graduating from university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as a peace corps volunteer. i work as ang enlish teacher in morocco two years and grew to love this part of the world he said after at pointment as u.s. ambassador to libya he remained connected through facebook, joking and wanting to stay in touch. >> only bit of solace in this whole thing sthae was doing what he loved to do and he, i think he died as he was trying to make the world a better place. >> and he says his brother never married but had many girlfriends over the years. in the final weeks of his life he twont a friend's wedding in sweden, went to vienna to enjoy good restaurants and museums before returning to libya to get back to work. >> and the first reports
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indicated waits in retaliation for a you tube video, a movie trailer that made fun of islam and prophet of mohammed. but officials are saying this is a planned terrorist attack and the video had nothing to do with it. >> there are experts today, one senior fellow, his area includes extremist groups in the east. also spoke with jerry mckensman he's a diplomat in res dense at princeton university. both say there sefdz the attack was planned apart from the mob reaction over that video. >> this attack carried out on september 11th by a group of 20 men firing automatic weapons and carrying rocket propelled grenades. >> it's not simply one person video or a threat to burn a
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koran or a number of things that will provoke a street demonstration. but the terrorist attacks are better planned and i'm sure that this was planned for a while he believes u.s. foreign policy may have played a part. >> there is a little tendency upon the administration and american people to think we can leave the middle east to its own devices and somehow not intervene in libya, not be engaged in certain parts of the world he points to us us withdrawal from iraq. and that confound canada's former am bass door. >> i find this goofy he finds no evidence that american foreign policy is one of disengagement. >> and ambassador stevens making it a point to be out among the people.
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and not just living in a bubble. he wanted to be seen and wanted to see. he wanted to follow the first lesson which is listen to the people. >> tom hendrickson said the kons hit should have been better protected saying tighter security removes the united states from the people in the country where it is located and gives impression the u.s. is remote and not engaged. coming up at 6:00 there is political fallout to the race to the white house. and accusation that's the administration mitt romney says simp tiesed with the attacker autos and milpitas police looking for help finding a suspect in a deadly convenience store robbery. three men running into a 7-11
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store and investigators say the man robbed the 67-year-old, then shot him. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction vix in this casement today was the final wednesday search in the effort to find the morgan hill teen sierra lamar. organizers hope the search will be now more focused and hopefully, more productive. she was last seen in march before leaving for school. and fl is a suspect arrested for the murder. >> california's new sweeping pension reforms are now law z los angeles today, governor brown sign aid measure increasing co-pay for new state employee benefits, reducing retirement benefits, and raising age in which they can receive them. >> and we're going to get people working longer and cap
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the amount. you shouldn't be getting a pension making bigger salaries like managers do because the more money you make you're supposed to know how to invest it, yourself. and that bill passed capped pensions at $132,000 a year. and the reforms are expected to save as much as $55 billion over 30 years. >> there is apple unveiled an iphone with cool new features. david louie joins us live. have you seen and touched the new iphone 5. is your heart aflutter? >> it is aflutter. this is an amazing sensation to touch one. sheer what the new iphone 5 looks like. it's glass and aluminium. engineers trying to pack more tech knowledge nolg into a smaller package. the new iphone 5 is actually a
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bit taller about one and a third inch as louing to stack five rows of icons opposed to four. and there is another thing to consider it's thinner and that is just the beginning. >> there is some really cool stuff to show you. >> with that understatement, ef krorts to keep new features secret details electric leaked. it is thinner and lighter and faster than any predecessors and there is a faster processor making it load and run faster and improve graphics and now running on the fastest wireless network. and there is also battery life is improved. >> this is the most challenging our team has taken on. from what they've accomplished
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this is amazing. >> there is its own, creating turn by turn navigation, there are maps giving you a view of major landmarks. there is a smaller camera produces 8 megapismsel images and there are also a new connector called lightning replacing a 30 pin connector and ear buds are now called ear podses. apple claims a sound quality is better. there is siri has been improved. analysts give thumbs up. >> this is just because everybody else is making bigger devices we're not go dog that and this is just more
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denengs the height of the screen. >> and apple started taking orders this friday. and apple will then start releasing the phone a week later. the price will range depending on the amount of giga bytes of storage in the phone. that is the price as the current model 4 s. >> and there is one of the factors in hiring is the president wril campaign. there are workers being recruited at the job journal hire event in san francisco. and there is organizers say uncertain city having an impact on companies. >> there is a slight pull back due to upcoming collections so
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i would suggest that anyone looking for work take advantage of the job fairs and come out. >> and absolutely. well next abc 7 event is going to be on wednesday october 10th frj noon until 4:00 at hilton garden inn. >> coming an initiative designed to increase revenue how critics say this is going to backfire. >> and the chase sending money flying out of a window and people running into the streets to chase it down. >> and getting ready for late summer heat. how warm it's going to get around here, coming up. >> and the big dig taking place uncovering a giant piece of history. and attention of scientists.
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they're being called robin hood bandits n los angeles four suspected bank robbers running from police began tossing bundles of cash to people lining streets and there is more people coming to chase down the cash it began in santa clarita and ended downtown when another driver cut them off. not clear whether this was on purpose. police asking people to turn cash in. yeah. that will happen. and nobody is doing that yes.. >> and there is this dignitary and first responders will attend a funeral service fofr kenyon jung storm shot and killed last week. it gets underway at 10:00 tom and -- tomorrow and we'll broadcast it live and street it live on our web site. if you would like to make a contribution you can visit any bank or mechanics bank and ask
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funds go to the childrens benefit memorial fund. >> a san francisco man in custody on multiple counts of illegal firearms. police arrested him in front. his home. officer says they found a loaded mac 10, a loaded 9 mm handgun and 22 caliber rifle. they say they were within reach of the chern in that home. and has been charged with a parole violation. >> controversial proposition on the november ballot is designed to bring in more money for california but critics say it could backfire causing the state to lose money and jobs. nannette miranda joins us with more on proposition 29. >> well, assembly speaker tried to get a similar proposal through the legislature, now it's number one backer now trying to round
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up more support. >> venture alcohol kpolist is trying to submit california standing as the green leader and how he wants to pay for the effort is controversial. take away what he calls a loophole allowing corporations to choose between two formulas when calculating state taxes. it's part of a deal to entice republicans to vote for the state budget. companies have chosen less money for the state. >> this is crazy to do that. and we can't afford to give away a billion dollars a year. >> there is a smaller state tax bill. viewers will leave here with sales in cal and california companies say that is not fair. the firm decided to open an
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office in oregon to take advantage of the tax. and says prop 39 stops rewarding companies for creating jobs out of state. with that, they will help retro fit buildings five years and help train a work force to do those projects. other half will go to state budge writs to help schools. >> and this brings over a billion dollars to the state every year and third, the way it's constructed will create tens of thousands of jobs. >> and the companies say changing their tax formula will cost california jobs. >> this will raise the cost of doing business in this state and that will hurt job autos with no formal launch yet, it will be difficult to reach out to voters. >> this is hard to understand what complexities are. if you don't understand it you should vote no.
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>> and there is more than $21 mill dwrin get voters to approve prop 39. he admits invifts this will not hurt his port polio. >> thank you. >> and in san francisco a big construction dig is drawing attention of pailg tollingists. this was discovered by crews on first street between mission and howard. carolyn? >> and... it's starts as just another day for crane operator. >> i was excavating and... going through a layer of sand and suddenly i noticed some strange objects that came out. >> this is what he had pulled up.
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the tooth and part of a jaw of a woolly mammoth, considered the most famous of the prehistoric mammals. >> this is just base stuff that is the original enamel that is preserved with the tooth. >> this pailg toll gist calls it well he preserved. it is 1.8 million to 11,000 years ago. >> this is a a return to crews that have been around. >> and he believes it should be 10,000s or 11,000 years old. >> you can study it. this helps us figure out tech tonics. >> throughout this project, officials have add archaeologists on the scene and a treasure trove of other artifacts have been uncovered. work continues but now, everyone is on the lookout for
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another piece of what one crane operator scooped up and set aside. >> few people tried to convince me but this just looked too perfect to be a rock. >> if someone were to come in and say do you think there may be a tusk? >> and so that is not a rock. this is found on monday, but we're just finding out bit today. and there is a plan to donate to acalifornia academy of sciences to exhibit. >> thank you so much and super model heidi klum opened up about her divorce to singer, seal. and admitted she has been seeing her bodyguard but says
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she did not have an affair with him before they were married. >> i never looked at another man while i was with him. it's hard when you think that you think that's. or i don't know. you know? he was hurt. >> katie airs at 3:00 on abc 7 and tomorrow, interviewing motivational speaker who is offering tips to the key to happiness. >> and brightening your don't go away sunshine. there is happiness here heading into tomorrow there is a beautiful warm up coming up. there is warm in the latter part of the week. there is what it looks like looking towards financial district you can see the fog there. this is shallow. shallower than it was this morning there is a sign of things still to come. let's check out a different perspective and you can see a
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compressed marine layer there in the distance looking towards sutro tower. there is towards a warmer day for your thursday. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you what it looks like now. there there is lots of sunshine, temperatures into upper 80s inland. and there is a coastal area into low 60s and communities still socked in from san francisco towards montera. and and temperatures now 59 degrees in half moon bay. 86 in antioch. and 71 in mountain view. there is 74 degrees. coastal fog again, tonight. very warm days inland. thursday and friday and cooler pattern getting underway on sunday. some areas will come down a
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few degrees on saturday. overnight read beings into upper 40s to mid 50s and fog will mainly stay here the coastline and this is remaining shallow. and poor visibility may be a factor and there is is a warm ridge that is split into two. this converges we'll see the warmth building tomorrow that will hold on for friday. fog at 5:00 a.m. and locally inland. fog pulling away. we'll enjoy nice sunny afternoon and there is a wide range of temperatures thursday. 60s on the coastline approaching 70 degrees. there is 87 for new los gatos on the peninsula. and and loss alt yos, 6
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degrees in half moon bai. downtown san francisco, north bay, 94 in cue kia. 83 in son gnomea. east bay communities 74 in oakland. 80s in castro valley. warm weather, 94 degrees in livermore and around the bay. 68 inmont rai. -- monterey. and there is mid-90s inland. upper 60s coastline, head to the beach if you like the weather. warmth friday cooling into the weekend and we'll bring mid-80s and mild conditions next week. you know fall is just about 10 day as way. >> and september 22 we're going to get warm weather here. >> thank you. >> and just ahead bill could make it harder for california parents to opt out of childhood vaccination autos and new glasses for the masses. there is
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a study shows private school students are less likely to get immunized. lawmakers passed a bill requiring parents to talk to a health professional before opting out that. bill now on the governor's desk and there is young infants too young to get vaccination people have immune deficiency maybe chemotherapy or hiv and can not be immunized. and there are some who may ab lerjic. >> opponents say parents should not have to pay for doctor visits when there is information available on the
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coming up a city under fire from sacramento tonight. outrage over the $50 million in questionable spending and almost nobody was keeping watch over. and 7 on your side reporting on the tax with a last chance to shop online and avoid paying it. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> kennedy center announced a list of honorees today. >> and there is a british rock band is getting a lot of love. >> there is three surviving members will be honored along with bluesman buddy guy. and awards will be held december 2 in washington, d.c.. >> thanks for joining us. >> and world news

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